About Annapara

ANNAPARA means Elephant Rock.

Annapara is a boutique HIDE-AWAY in the lap of Nature.

Located on a hillock, it enjoys a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and valleys covered with evergreen tropical rain forests in different hues of green. In close vicinity of Chembra peak, the tallest in Wayanad! A place where your solitude is broken by the whistle of birds and the chatter of insects while you discover new depths in serenity! A God given opportunity to appreciate the pristine natural beauty of Nature in God’s Own Country.

Comfort : A guest house with only FIVE Spacious rooms of 350 square feet each, including a verandah, bedroom, a kitchenette cum dining, dressing area and bathroom with 24 hours running Hot Water with modern fittings.

Luxury : Absence of TV, Newspaper, Phones; and NATURE in it’s unspoilt natural form in abundance is the luxury Annapara has to offer.

Features : Natural terrain and vegetation preserved with minimal landscaping. A Gazebo to enjoy the view and breeze. An open Dinning Area to enjoy the surrounding scenery while dining. An Amphitheatre to chill out. A Camp Fire Pit to enjoy a bonfire with music in the evening. The onsite staff maintain a high standard of cleanliness and house-keeping is done on a daily basis.

Food : Our guests are served Traditional Kerala cuisine as per a fixed menu with the exception that; we do not use coconut oil while cooking and include Kerala raw rice in the menu unless specially requested for.

Activities : Sunbath, Badminton and Bonfire with music. Trek along picturesque trails, Bath in the stream by the waterfall, Walk through tea, coffee and cardamom plantations, Visit a Tea Factory and a View Point on tree tops. Amateur Adventure activities like Ropeladder Climbing & Mini-Zipline are available. Board games available on request. For big/corporate groups, Rappelling, River Crossing and Folk Dance Show can be arranged on request. Our Vythri Wilderness Trail takes you past sprawling tea and coffee plantations, through a vast stretch of rainforests, towards the majestic Chembra Peak.

Star Gazing : The location of Annapara is such that there is almost no ambient light around and it enjoys an unobstructed view of the sky. Therefore, star gazing when the sky is clear is absolutely an astronomer’s delight. The easiest to recognise is the North Star used by sailors and desert travellers to navigate before the invention of radar.

Outdoor :

Climate : Being at an altitude of about 700 metres, it is niether too hot nor too cold. Light woollens are usually adequate for the evening.

Important Note : The generator provides power from 1830 Hrs to 2200 Hrs for utility and entertainment. A lantern and candle stick is provided in each room. The bathrooms are backlit by lanterns to provide an ambient light throughout the night. The generator is located sufficiently away from the rooms and guest area in order not to cause a disturbance.

Location : Distances to various places (travel time by Car)
Bangalore – 300 km – 6 Hours
Mysore – 146 km – 3 Hours
Calicut Airport – 90 km – 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Calicut Railway Station – 65 km – 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Vythri – 3.5 km – 15 Minutes

Vythiri is enroute while travelling from Bangalore to Calicut


3 Responses to About Annapara

  1. Babushka Chauhan says:

    One of THE best places I have ever visited. If peace, quiet and bonding with the abundance of nature around you is what you’re looking for, then Annapara Home Stay is where you need to be.

  2. Abhishek says:

    True. Nice, serene place in midst of wilderness. Simple yet awesome food!!! It was nice to catch up with you!!!

    Sat in touch


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