3 Nights

Typical Itinerary for a 3 night stay

Day 1 :

Arrive at 12 noon. Relax post lunch. Tea at the Amphi-theatre at Annapara with a breathtaking view of Chembra Peak, the tallest in Wayanad. Soft trek to Waterfall View Point. Watch sunset behind the Western Ghats.

Day 2 :

Soft trek to Waterfall and Rock Pool in the forenoon. Post lunch, Speed Boating at Banasura Dam, followed by pedal boating / row boating / kayaking at Pookote Lake followed by Chain Tree and then View point of Thamaraserry Pass.

Day 3 :

After breakfast, visit sightseeing spots in Wayanad.

Option 1 : Visit Edakkal Caves, a place where the etchings on stone date back more than 3000 years followed by a jeep safari in the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary.

Option 2 : Visit Kuruwa Dweep, an island in the Kabini River which has rich bio-diversity and where rivulets are crossed on Tribal Rafts made of Bamboo. Then proceed to Thirunelly Temple, next to which is the Papanasini river, where a dip in the holy waters are believed to cleanse the sins. Then a jeep safari in the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary.

Option 3 : For the fit and more adventurous, a serious trek to Chembra Peak and return the same day. Or, camp overnight and return the next day. Tents and Sleeping Bags packed food are arranged by us.

Day 4 :

Depart after Breakfast. Depart after lunch if opted for option 3 on Day 3.

Apart from the above whenever there is time in between, there are several opportunities to go for walks along picturesque trails around Annapara, visit tea / coffee / cardamom plantations, visit a tea factory, cardamom smoke house, walk through a rain forest, etc. On one of the nights set off with our guide and a search light for a night walk to enjoy the thrill and, if lucky, you will spot some wildlife too!

Guides and vehicles are arranged by us on request.

Shopping : Fresh tea, pepper, cardamom, vanilla, arecanut, coffee, pure forest honey, bamboo handicrafts made by tribals are all items unique to Wayanad.


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